Department of History


The department of History has been giving unstinted service in the field of higher education since its establishment on 02 October, 1973 as UG department. It has been proved as a source of succour and strength. The department has stepped forward under the exuberant works of former HOD Mrs. S.L. Srivastava and present HOD Dr. Sushil Kumar Singh. They have tried their best to upgrade and refine the innate potentials of both the students and teachers. Post graduate course in the department commenced in July 2000. The department aims to focus on the various ramifications that have come to figure in the field of higher education. Many Ph.D. degrees have been awarded since 2004. More than 27 research articles and several books have been published during the preceding years. Many PG students of the department have bagged gold medals in recent year in the university examination. The department under the best possible service to the students of sultanpur and object districts with the vision and mission of nation building which was the dream of late Babu K.N. Singh Ji, the founder of the Institute. Through out the session the department organises co-curricular activities, to institute the sense of competition discipline and belong ingness among the students.

Dr. Sushil Kumar Singh